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Discover 100+ New Grants in an afternoon

Learn to filter the grants worth your precious time
Discover 100+ New Grants in an Afternoon

Unlike horses, unicorns are rare, exceptional and hard to find. Good grant writing resources are similar: there is a lot out there, but it can be hard to locate the ones that make the magical difference. Luckily, for those of us in Anchorage, Alaska, we have an opportunity to be with a real unicorn: a grant writing unicorn.

On January 29th, Paxaro Solutions is one of the sponsors for an in-person workshop led by Meredith Noble, author of ​How to Write a Grant: Become a Grant Writing Unicorn​ being held at the Beartooth Theatre Pub. The​ workshop​ is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants the inside scoop on successful grant writing and Meredith generously shares tools, resources, and templates. Use the registration code PAXARO for a workshop discount and hay, salad, and great company are included in the price of admission.

Learn more about grant writing:

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