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Paxaro Solutions provides 

  • Research + Grant Matching

  • Grant Writing

  • Strategic Planning

  • Project Management

  • Business Consulting

and works with entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations to implement new ideas, chart new courses, and successfully improve their processes. 


Need someone who can jump in and create a spark? I catalyze positive changes. My approach, enthusiasm, and energy are infectious and causes others to be more friendly and enthusiastic and leads to a mindset for creatively tackling hard problems.

Paxaro Solutions is undertaking the Gran

Collaboration with 

Paxaro Solutions is undertaking the Gran

Paxaro Solutions provides grant research, grant writing, and strategic planning to organizations needing funding for food resilience.  


Persuasive, good wordsmithing is key to successful grant writing but strategy, organization and execution will make sure your time isn’t wasted. I provide grant writing coordination, research, project management and grant writing services ensuring a greater opportunity for success.


Everyone has ideas about how to improve products or services. There are even a few who dream up the impossible and think of something new. My workshops are the space where those ideas develop from thoughts into actions. I lead participants through the process of developing and selecting potential business ideas using exercises and frameworks drawn from design sprints, lean startup and design thinking methods.


Sustainable Earth Research, Far North Fungi and Paxaro Solutions design Fungi-Biopiles, a sustainable remediation method for soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons such as oil, diesel, and fuel. Supplementing the soil with fungi naturally enhances the degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide and can be implemented on site. The use of Fungi Alliance Biopile restores soils with organic material and naturally and provides a way to improve soil health and keep, recycle, and reuse it in environmentally fragile and soil-thin areas like the Arctic regions.


●  In June 2018 we installed a pilot study at the International Anchorage Airport. Ongoing site testing and analysis has shown positive results.

●  In the May 2019 Paxaro Solutions successfully won an Alaska Seed Fund grant for $2,468.75. ​Alaska Seed Fund Announcement

●  We’ve had presentations and workshops at the 2018 and 2019 ​Alaska Tribal Council on Environmental Management conference​.

●  We’ll have a booth and materials at the 2019 and 2020 ​Alaska Forum on the Environment conference​.


I am a connector. I can’t help myself. If there is somebody or some organization or idea that just might help you get where you are going faster, I have to make an introduction. Some people say I am a​ s​ uper-connector. Can you get to Kevin Bacon in Seven Degrees of Separation? I can probably get there in four. As a connector, I use my skills to make sure the right people and projects are introduced and broker opportunities for collaborating.


New startups and new projects are a wild collection of ideas and possibilities. My consulting develops business models and strategies as we work together to prioritize objectives and create an achievable path forward toward your Big Hairy Audacious Goals.



Health TIE​ ​is a grassroots effort with the ​goal of connecting with healthcare entrepreneurs to increase Alaskans access to quality healthcare and lower Alaskan healthcare costs. Health TIE catalyzes change by connecting healthcare organizations, funders, and changemakers with entrepreneurs who have products and services to make access easier, lower cost, and efficient.

With some of the highest healthcare costs in the United States, changes to the Alaskan healthcare system are needed. Health TIE provides an open-platform for entrepreneurs to share their ideas and warm introductions to funders, pilot project sites, and potential customers.

Learning what creative inspiration has sparked a business idea is exciting. It is hard to develop a work plan without learning more about what ideas clients have. To better understand clients needs and to share possible outcomes, the first meeting is designated for project development and is provided at no charge. A follow-up meeting is then scheduled to present a formal proposal and project scope. Charges incur after there is a signed proposal. 


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